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. . . Altogether, I rate The Childlike Heist 4 out of 4 stars. I didn't rate it lower because the stories in it are entertaining and inspiring. The author delivered a coherent and relatable book. Again, it was well edited, though I saw a few grammar flaws and typos, which are not off-putting. I enjoyed reading it and recommend it to any adult Christian who is bored with life and seeking a fresh perspective on life to enable them to live their life to the fullest.

Rosemary Wright, Online Book Club


Justin has written a compelling and interesting book that combines great truths about life with interesting anecdotes. I felt that I couldn't put the book down as I moved from ridiculous escapade to fascinating story all the while learning about myself and how Jesus wants me to live. A great read!

David Holzmann

Justin’s book is a perfect transport back to your own childhood. As you read his stories from his youth you can’t help but remember your own experiences.

This is a great book for anyone looking to relive their childhood (the good and the bad), for anyone who wants to regain their childlike spirit and anyone who needs a reminder that fear is a liar.


"In a world telling us we need more money, what we really need is more meaning." I LOVED this book! At a time when we're so consumed by other people's stories, this book is a breath of fresh air! It beautifully explores how to rediscover your own childlike wonder to live the Story God wants to write through your life. It was also full of stories, making it an easy, enjoyable read.

Laura Seabrook

I felt so privileged to read this book! It felt like a trip back to my own childhood-simpler times where everything had a bit of magic too it, and the mundane was an adventure. It left me challenged to rediscover the little carefree princess I used to be and allow myself to enjoy little things like the sun shining through a glass and making a rainbow... If life feels boring for you and you want to rediscover wonder and childlike joy I highly recommend spending time with kids and reading Justin’s book.

Amazon Customer

The Childlike Heist has a brilliant way of awakening and combining our God given imaginations with a level of spiritual refection that is so authentic, it had me examining my heart in a profound way! I highly recommend this book!

Jackie Zacharias

Justin does a great job drawing you into his stories and makes you remember your own.

Then, he hits you with truth that changes your perception and you can't wait for him to do it again.

It's child-like play...maybe "Childlike Heist" is a better word for what he does. It's a great book and I can't wait to see what he does next. The message it needed in our world.

Trevor H. Lund

In his book, Justin effortlessly entertains his reader with stories of his own childhood, which will make you both laugh and cry.

At the same time, Justin lovingly challenges us to let go of "adulting" and to embrace our "inner child", especially as we live out Jesus' desire for us to come to Him as little children.

Justin, thank you for sharing your heart with each and every word on every page. You are truly an inspiration to your readers!


Justin's' book has the ability to draw you back into your own childhood and make you experience the emotions you felt when you were just 7 years old. He unwraps what it's like to have the huge faith that you had when you were little and to have the freedom once again to live a life that's unhindered. Enjoy this book and recapture the wonder of your earlier days and live like you've never lived before.

Jeremiah Raible

Well done, gives you all you need to pursue the Child Life Faith he talks about! :)

Amazon Customer

This is a great read! It takes you back to your childhood and helps you remember what it was like to be a child. I loved how each chapter was a snapshot into childlike wonder with with a new story from Justin’s past. It’s a reminder to bring back our childlike ways as we walk with God.

Austin Jay

This book moved along at a really good pace. It was a fun read with very relatable stories. I loved the way Justin tied in spiritual truths with his childhood stories.

Polly Erb

This book is relatable, funny and thought provoking. As I read through the pages I found myself remembering who I want to be. There is something about remembering childhood that is strangely healing, it shakes off the stress of everyday life and transports a person back to what it means to truly look at the world from a place of wonder and possibility.

I highly recommend reading this book! You will not regret it.


This book is for those in junior high to senior homes. It has an entertaining and zany kind of unique story telling (with a contagious kind of hopefulness and joy) that had me curiously reflecting on my own life, relationships, and Jesus. I’ve been hearing a lot about “God the Father” and “I am a child of God” and “Sonship” and this book really brings that to a relatable and practical level. Plus it was a fun and easy read which has undoubtedly changed me for the better. I’m even looking at my own kids with more wonder and admiration!

Mamarazzi of 2

This book is captivating! It will both inspire you and provoke you to think about your life and the way you live.

Josh E Erb

This book recaptured my imagination and challenged me to start uncomplicating my faith. Thanks to Justin for sharing such an honest and inspired word. Encouraging and a blessing to the soul.

Tyler Ferguson

Easy to read, hard to put down! I laughed hard and thoroughly enjoyed the re-telling of Wiesinger's childhood adventures. I was especially moved by the invitation to re-capture our childlike wonder. This is not a “Lost Boys” protest against maturing into adulthood, but a refreshing lens to look at our own lives and see the innocence we are born with and the grace Jesus extends us for the journey.
I would recommend this book to anyone who was ever a kid!

Enoch Rottier

In a world that is busy trying to become bigger, faster, and stronger while constantly searching for significance and meaning "The Childlike Heist" invites you to reclaim your childlike innocence and wonder. The book is easy to read and full of relatable stories and parables that show and tell what Jesus meant when he said “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven" (Matthew 18:3).


Loved it! Thanks Justin for some insights [and] keeping us all young!

Jared Vandermeer

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