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Jeff Goins, Bestselling Author of Real Artists Don't Starve

Justinʼs take on life is fresh and inspiring. “The Childlike Heist”
shows us how to look at painful, past events - big and small - with
a renewed mindset full of hope and wonder.


Jesus said unless we become like little children we would never enter the Kingdom of Heaven. This book explores the Christian faith and takes us back to believing like little children. So often as we grow in our Christianity, we lose our childlike wonder of God as we get bogged down in our day to day life. Justin (The Author) uses his own experiences in life to reignite a passion for childlike innocence through his book and helps us once again regain the wonder and goodness of God with fresh eyes.


Getting Out There

Please check out this episode of 100 Huntley Street that aired November 20 with Justin as a featured guest.

Just Justin (7.5 min)

Full Episode (30min)


Writer | Speaker | World Traveller | Filmmaker I Creating inspiring art. Hustling to change lives.

Justin is the only author and filmmaker in Edmonton to have his own office on the "Pirate Ship" at the Mall. He released his first book  "The Childlike Heist" in April of 2019 on said Santa Maria ship and had an incredible response and turnout. His ebook was downloaded over 500 times in the first 3 days of release, and it charted in the top #2 slot on the Inspirational Christian Chart on Amazon.ca


Justin is no stranger to creative endeavours. He runs his own digital cinema company which specializes in corporate videos, music videos, lyric videos, and documentaries. His work has taken him filming across North America, shooting documentaries in Los Angeles, Texas, Georgia and Pennsylvania. He is also the media director at Hope City church and recently hosted their podcast series on Mental Health and the Church.


Justin been featured on numerous other podcasts across North America and on the television show 100 Huntley Street. Jeff Goins, the bestselling author of "Real Artists Don’t Starve," endorses Justin’s new book as being fresh and inspiring. 

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